Compare pinax and rails


Can you compare pinax and rails? I am a programming beginner. I wanted
build a social network site. I got a hold of the RailsSpace book a
of months ago and got really excited about Ruby on Rails. Now I just
of Pinax and the sample there is also social networking site. I am not
going to switch anytime soon since I have spent a lot of time becoming
proficient in RoR. However, I am just curious about the advantages and
disadvantages of Pinax compared to RoR. Perhaps, at some point in the
future, I may consider switching to Pinax if it’s a superior framework
build a social networking site.

I am surprised that I couldn’t find any any comparision online. Pinax
not mentioned on wikipedia.



Learn by Doing wrote:


Can you compare pinax and rails?

Doesn’t look like a direct comparison is possible. From a quick look at
the website, Pinax is not a generic application framework like Rails,
but is rather a platform built on top of Django. In that sense, its
closest analog in the Ruby world might be something like Hobo, or at
least a template like Blank or Bort. But I think most Rails developers
would rather choose a set of plugins based on the needs of the
individual project.


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Awesome! Thanks Marnen.


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