Commercial Support for RoR


I am looking for companies offering support services for both Ruby and
Ruby on Rails. I am not interested in hosting companies that only
support their hosting customers or consulting firms that only support
applications that they built, but a company that provides support
contracts for the language, framework and deployment (but not for
specific custom Rails applications). I would expect support to include
both troubleshooting and bug fixes (in the core language or in the
framework and plugins/extensions).

I am providing a large custom app to a fairly large corp. to be used in
a couple countries. Although I expect I will be available (and their
internal IT team members as well) to support both the app and the
installation/deployment, the corp. is used to commercial software and
having support contracts as an insurance policy from each vendor in the
chain (e.g. Oracle, Sun (Java), IBM (WebSphere)) in addition to the
app-specific support. Obviously there is a community of support
available, but volunteer-based support doesn’t inspire confidence like a
paid contract does.

What commercial support options do you know of? Any recommendations?

Jeremy Weathers