Comments Submit, Nothing Happens

I’ve got comments set up on my site and have run both the ‘migrate’ and
‘update’ tasks.

However, when I try to submit a comment on a page, I am redirected to
the same page and it appears nothing happened. I do not receive any
flash messages. The ‘Comments’ tab in the admin panel is empty, and when
I check the database, it appears no row has been added.

Here’s my setup:

-Radiant 0.7.1 (gem)
-Comments 0.0.5 (seancribbs fork, 0.7 compatible)
-fastercsv 1.4.0 (gem)
-will_paginate 2.3.8 (plugin)
-Mollom keys configured

Is there a reason why the form wouldn’t post to the database?

P.S. Looks like the Comments extension is a popular topic lately!

I reinstalled and re-ran the migrate and update tasks for the comments
extension, but I still have the same problem:

  • I submit the comments form on a page and am redirected to
    “http://[page]/comments/”, but there are no comments that show up in the

Looking at my production.log, I see that it doesn’t appear that anything
is being sent to the database. See below:

Processing SiteController#show_page
Parameters: {“url”=>[“articles”, “2009”, “02”, “12”,
“history-of-google-inc-”], “action”=>“show_page”, “controller”=>“site”}
Completed in 0.53865 (1 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.10436 (19%) | 200 OK

Processing CommentsController#index
Session ID: 29329dbba9ad1780f6fdb50c5a9e46ec
Parameters: {“url”=>[“articles”, “2009”, “02”, “12”,
“history-of-google-inc-”], “action”=>“index”, “controller”=>“comments”}
Completed in 0.55036 (1 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00073 (0%) | DB:
0.20872 (37%) | 200 OK

Do you guys have any ideas?