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hey all,

Im looking at switching from bluehost to a new provider. Mainly for
Mongrel, trac and SVN support.

I was hoping to get some feedback on the above mentioned hosting

I have posted this as part of an existing ‘what privider would you
reccomend topid’ But have considered it and decidec it deserves its own


I have been exceptionally satisfied by RailsPlayground for my hosting
They go above and beyond what’s necessary for support and setup, are
than happy to install gems for you, have fast response time, help out
setting up SSL in their complicated setup. I’m using the 2nd level
hosting plan, which lets you use Mongrel (there may be another level
does too). The only downside is that it is shared hosting and thus has
complications and control limitations for handling server-related

For instance, I still can’t get request.ssl? to work even when my SSL
certificate is turned on due to some Apache → Pound → Mongrel
that are beyond my understanding.

D. Taylor S.,
Reality Technician

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D. Taylor S.
Reality Technician
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thanks for you comments.

I’m tending towards them at this point, i like the one click trac
install, given my non system admin brain.

Ive done some more digging and while railsplayground has a nice wiki, has come brilliant tutorials.