Comments:count on main page, possible?


Im just wondering if its possible @ all to use <r:comments:count />
on the main page … i figured that setting it as commentable and
using (<r:comments:count /> comments) in my layout might work but no
luck … any ideas or workarounds?


  • Jon

Jon B. wrote:

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If you are in the context of a child page that is Commentable, it should
work, i.e. if you’re looping through them with <r:children:each>. Send
me a snippet of what you’re trying to do and I’ll see if I can help you

Sean C.

On the Home Page layout (the homepage + entry are commentable) …

<r:children:each limit=“1” order=“desc”>

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  • Jon

I’ve done something similar on my testing platform, which is the “Styled
Blog” and had no issue – it looks like you’re doing something similar.
you continue to have problems, please try clearing the page cache in the
admin interface, then reloading the page. I do have one modification to
make to the tag, but I may not be able to get to it today.


Clearing out the page cache had no effect … its ok though since Im
still in the process of getting around to exploring the code. I’ll
svn up in a few days.


  • Jon

I should also be available on IRC today… yesterday was a wash, I was
from my office all day. I’ll let you know as soon as the code gets

Sean C.