Comments Behavior port to an Page Type / Extension


Hello all,

I needed blogs with comments right now on a couple of existing
Radiant projects that I also need to work on the Mental branch (good
bye behaviors, hello Radiant Extensions).

Sean C. expressed no desire to convert his Comments behavior.

Given the roadmap for Radiant this conversion is a stop-gap measure.
If I understand right we can look forward to a build-out of either a
proper commenting Extension with admin options on an admin tab or
potentially integrated commenting functionality in a 0.7 release.
Either way it goes the real future commenting option will likely
include a more sophisticated set of features then this modest
Behavior gone Extension.

This port has been on the fly tested to confirm that what worked
before works now. This will work with existing comment content from a
0.52 site using the Commentable Behavior.


Loren J.


Sean C. expressed no desire to convert his Comments behavior.

Not exactly – I just didn’t want to do a direct port. Because you can
models of your own in Mental, I saw no reason to keep storing comments
grandchildren pages or having the double-loopback page redirect.

That said, more power to you, if it works for you!



Well color me corrected. So perhaps this is worth revisiting later
but still before the official Radiant Blog functionality gets worked-
out (which could be quiet a while I’d guess).

I think the pages as grand children is helpful for now as keeping it
in the page tree has a certain poetry to it and keeps the management
of the comments inherently simple. An admin tab would have to start
from scratch, but by all means I can imagine a better way . . . Have
you ever done a rough mocked-up of how it might work ?

If 0.7 comes-out with more a more full set of blogging features do
you imagine commenting would in fact be “integrated” or as an
Extension? Mostly curious in terms of future architecture plans…