Comment requested on first Rails code

I recently started playing with RoR, and I am not sure if I got my setup
right. Could someone comment on the code below?

Background: I want to expand/collapse a list of items. The expanded list
represents a recursive hierarchical tree, while the collapsed one shows
first tree level below the current position.

  1. My controller has:

def index

This action defines the content of a complete page, irrelevant code

been omitted)

def expand

irrelevant code omitted

render :partial => ‘children_recursive’

def collapse

irrelevant code omitted

render :partial => ‘children’

The relevant part of the index view looks like this:

<%= render :partial => 'children' %>

The children and children_recursive partial views contain two lines

<%= link_to_remote(“Expand”, :update => ‘children’, :url => { :action =>
“expand”, :id => })%>
<%= display_children %>

<%= link_to_remote(“Collapse”, :update => ‘children’, :url => { :action
“compress”, :id => params[:id] })%>
<%= display_children(@children, true) %>

The real work is done by a helper method (display_children), which
creates a
recursive HTML list if the second parameter evaluates to true:

def display_children([email protected], recursive=nil)

irrelevant code omitted


Coming from Perl, I know there’s more than one way to do it - but does
look like a reasonable way? I feel that there should be a simpler way
creating two actions, two partial views and a helper method for a simple
task like this.

Thanks for your comments,

#irrelevant suggestion omitted

Looks alright to me.

On Dec 24, 2007 8:43 AM, Jan E. [email protected] wrote:

def index

irrelevant code omitted


Ryan B.
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