Command-set 0.10.0 Released

command-set version 0.10.0 has been released!

CommandSet is a interactive program framework. Its focus is a DSL for
defining commands, much like Rake or RSpec. The actual interpreter is
left as an open question, although a default readline based terminal
interpreter is included, it could very well be adapted to interact with
CGI or a GUI.


** Marked release 0.10.0 **

This release incorporates some very good but significant architectural
to CommandSet.

Command sets now can set up default values for their subject

Architecural overhaul: commands and command sets no longer refer up the
to their parents. An instance of a Command (iow: and execution) has a
context with the command tree, but until that point, the structure is
top-down. There are a number of nice consequences, and the
shouldn’t have been added in the first place.

Subject default values can be composed out of the defaults of
sub-contexts -
higher levels of contexts take precendence, but can protect defaults of
lesser contexts

CommandSetup and TermProcessor have been fused into a single class,
simplifies the execution cycle

Preliminaries on Subject contexts, beginnings of removing context from
Command classes.

Significant source restructuring

Fixes of complex completion issues

File argument bugfix