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Ruby on Rails powered sites list

The source code of this site is available at
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From: Felinx L. [email protected]
Date: Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 2:29 PM
Subject: A tornado powered site to show any project powered sites(open
To: [email protected]

I am very pleased to announce the beta release of tornado powered site to show any project
powered sites)

What powered sites?

We are always curious about that when we navigating exciting sites.
PoweredSites is a good site to share with others about a project or
powered sites, eg. jQuery powered sites, Torando
powered sites PoweredSites is also a
good place to show your project’s power if you are a project owner.

PoweredSites source code is opened to the community under Apache License
the source code is available at,
it’s develop by python
I opened everything except the OpenID API key:), so you can setup a web
using the code easily.

Currently, twitter,facebook,friendfeed openid login are no well tested
because those web sites are blocked in China. And some of features are
under developing, eg. re-edit a project or site and wiki for every

I hope that you will enjoy the site and the source code. I hope some
can join me to make the site better.

Please don’t hesitate to submit your
projects submit
web sites to

And any bug reports are welcome.

For detail information and comments, please visit here.

BTW: You can submit and find tornado powered sites from now.


Felinx L.

What powered sites?

What can change the nature of a man?(Planescape Torment)

It’s official online now after two weeks beta testing.
A bunch of sites already been submitted, come on and enjoy it.

Below list some popular projects’ sub-sites: Ruby on Rails powered sites Django powered sites MongoDB powered sites. jQuery powered sites Python powered sites Yii framework powered sites. Flask powered sites.