Colspan not working in FireFox! HELP!


I have a very weird problem with my table. The thing is, it works fine
in IE but not in firefox and its driving me nuts.


  <TH rowspan="2">Course<BR>Code</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Course<BR>Name</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Credit<BR>Unit</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">First<BR>Presentation</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jan 08</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jul 08</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jan 09</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jul 09</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jan 10</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jul 10</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jan 11</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Jul 11</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Final<BR>Presentation</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Scheduled<BR>Review</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Pre-Requisite</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Excluded<BR>Combination</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Remarks</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Day</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Week</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Term</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Master<BR>Dev.</TH>

<b>  <TH rowspan="2" width="600px">Course Synopsis</TH>
  <TH rowspan="2">Assessment<BR>Strategy</TH>

  <TH rowspan="2">Grouping</TH>



<% do |d| %>

<td align="center"><%= d.course_code %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.course_name %></td>

<td align="center"><%= %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.pmonth.month %> <%= d.pyear.year %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jan08 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jul08 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jan09 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jul09 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jan10 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jul10 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jan11 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.jul11 %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.lmonth.month %> <%= d.lyear.year %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.smonth.month %> <%= d.syear.year %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.pre_requisite %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.excluded_combination %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.remark %></td>

<td align="center"><%=></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.week.week %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.term.term %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.masterdev.masterdev %></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.synopsis%></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.lab.lab%></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.assessment_schema%></td>

<td align="center"><%= d.grouping%></td>

<% end %>


I have tried colspan specifically but it does not work too. The thing
is, when i colspan the header, it works. But when I do it to both, there
seems to be no change in the table’s colspan. What is happening? PLEASE

This isn’t really a question for the Radiant list. Try asking the
question on

Aside from that, it’s not clear to me what you are trying to do.
First, simplify your HTML to the bare essentials.
Then validate The W3C Markup Validation Service You seem to
have a element as a child of your first , which is invalid.
Lastly, I don’t see colspan anywhere in your code.