Color sequence on Rails console in Windows

I has installed rails in Windows 7 by RailsInstaller
When I use rails console, color sequence appears rawly and text colors
are not changed.
How to fix the problem?

i am using conemu. it will correctly shows you the color…

after installation, go to settings, integration and register for context
menu integration
after that you can open any dir with conemu

you can also set its window transparency

I’ve installed conemu, it looks useful.
How do you get Rails to output colour characters to the console?

Aha, found it. I added Pry to the gemfile, replaced IRB with Pry in the
config, and created a .pryrc file with a command to turn the colours on.

Thanks, conemu is very good. It just helps me!

Thanks, I tried pry as you suggest to.
But it seems that pry sometimes take mistakes for coloring and remain
ANSI sequence chars.

I attached a image for example.

  • Upper part of it is irb on ConEmu.
  • Lower part of it is pry on com.exe.