Color output?

does story runner have commandline options ,eg to add color to output?

Not yet. Patches welcome!

On 10/2/07, David C. [email protected] wrote:

Not yet. Patches welcome!

Actually - there’s nothing to patch yet - we plan to align the runners
in the near future. So …

Not yet. Coming soon!

feature request:

I have a story with a bunch of different scenarios that vary by just
one (or two) things. In fact, within the story I’ve written a method
that sets up the common set of Givens, and another than checks for a
common set of results, e.g.

Scenario “no User record” do

 And "**system has no user**", "Invitee" do |username|
   User.find_by_email(make_email(username)).should be_nil

 When "inviting a new user", "Invitee" do |username|
   @invitee_email = make_email username
   post_via_redirect "/projects/#{}/

memberships", :email => @invitee_email,
response.should be_success



Actually that’s kind of besides the point, except to say the
scenarios may have a bunch of Givens, but only one or two change from
one scenario to the next.

So I’ve highlighted the thing thats different about this scenario
with asterix (“system has no user”). The next scenario may say
And “Invitee is registered but not a member of this project

Feature request: let me use color to highlight the text that
describes whats different from one scenario to the next

On 10/2/07, Jonathan L. [email protected] wrote:

At a minimum, if there were some way to let me manually include
formatting tags in the description strings

I think that if you’re using the html report format, you can just
include html tags in your descriptions.

As for supporting some sort of custom formatting syntax so that
coloring works in plain text and html output, personally, that seems
like overkill.

What to others think?

On 10/2/07, Jonathan L. [email protected] wrote:

feature request: