Collision between Transaction::Simple and ActiveRecord

I want to use PDF::Writer from Rails. Which works, basically, except
for the ugly error messages when PDF::Writer loads
Transaction:.Simple, and it tries to define its own constants – which
have already been defined once by the copy of Transaction::Simple
that’s wodged into a corner of ActiveRecord.

Now, I can play silly buggers in my cron scripts and such to filter
out those error messages, but that’s quite a lot of work to get around
an exceptionally bad design decision in ActiveRecord. So I’d like to
know if there are any reasonable ways to either get ActiveRecord to
use the real gem-installed Transaction::Simple, or to get PDF::Writer
to use the one included in ActiveRecord?

(Problem exists with Rails 1.1.6, on at least RHEL4, FreeBSD 6.3 and
MacOS X 10.4.8).

Calle D. -*- [email protected]