Collapsible Fieldset

Hey there,

(First steps in Ruby and Rails…)

I’m trying to make a fieldset collapsible, like they are, for example,
on many Drupal pages.

What I’ve figuared out is the following:

<%= link_to_function("Show/Hide Addressdata") { |page| page[: addressdata].toggleClassName('collapsed') } %> ... some forms etc. here ...

In CSS, I do a display:none for the class ‘.collapsed’, but
display:block for ‘.collapsed legend’.

So this is working. But it doesn’t look very well. I’d like some
eyecandy, like a fade-in/out or scroll-up/down and a nice arrow which
indicates, that this is sth. collapsed or collapsible. Also, it would be
nice to have the linktext “Show” if the fieldset is hidden and vice

I surfed the web a lot and found out about and
prototype, but I just couldn’t bring it all together. Is there a simple
tutorial or example for this? Or does anybody of you have a few lines of
code as an example for me?

Thanks in advance,

Hey julian L. Nice name! I’m Julian L too!! :slight_smile: Hehe anyway check the
demos on scriptsculous website itself. In particular slide and blind.
They have rails helper versions, too.

Learn rails:

On 16/02/2009, at 1:27 AM, “Julian L.” <rails-mailing-list@andreas-

maybe this link helps to understand prototype: