Collada gem for Ruby


I wanted to share a gem I made recently for processing Collada DAE files
with Ruby.

It is a work in progress. Emphasis is not on speed, but flexibility, as
is used primarily in off-line processing jobs. It extracts the Collada
into a useful Ruby data structure and provides various modules for
processing mesh data, skeleton data easily. This can be used to make
exporters/converters easily.

I thought I’d share it here as I’m sure more and more people are
in trying to do 3D with Ruby and I’d be happy to have more people
contributing. I found Collada a difficult file format to work with,
are lots of unusual edge cases and different tools export slightly
different data. So, I wanted to make a tool to relieve some of these

The project needs a lot of work but right now I am using it as part of
game development efforts: - the
kotentako model on the right has been processed using collada gem.

In addition, collada gem can be used to extract a Mesh data structure
directly in Ruby, though this process probably needs a separate API to
easier. This information could be fed directly into OpenGL, but I
find many good cross-platform OpenGL gems - does anyone have any
suggestions on this point?

Source code is here: GitHub - ioquatix/collada: A Ruby library for loading and manipulating Collada .dae files.