I’m not 100% sure if this is a Rails question or more related to Ruby

  • but how do people think RoR compares to technologies such as Adobe’s

Both are aimed at producing websites incredibly easily and quickly - and
producing code that can be fairly agile. However, RoR obviously places
own framework onto the code (which by being fairly generic must reduce
performance to a certain extent).

Reason I ask is that currently I am a CF developer who is interested in

  • but can’t really see anything substantially different (other than the
    price tag). Am I missing something?



I have been developing in cf since cf 4.5.
I find RoR super easy to get a site up fast. rails is the first
framework i have worked with. and some times i have to go way back
into my head to remember about objects.
I know in CF you can use “objects” with cfc’s and those are real cool.

thinks i haven’t found in RoR that CF 7 has is event gateways,
I’m not saying the don’t exist I really haven’t looked for them.
also I Iike the flash forms and really getting into flex 2.

in my learning of RoR I found the community great. lot’s of info. a
couple of problems i have is some of the examples the show using the
ruby console but I have a hard time ‘converting’ that into a view, and
some examples are for RoR are ‘old’ but i get them to work.

I still dev in cf but I really like RoR since it has some good
features baked in. I love the fact I don’t have to write SQL.

well I’m rambling.
RoR is cool and the perfect fit for some apps and the same can be said
about all the other web app techs.


You can’t see anything substantially different because you’ve yet to
actually give Rails and Ruby a try. Learn some Ruby, try out Rails, and
make your decision.


i am going to learn ruby better. I just found out about this the other day. also this one

i am going to learn ruby better. I just found out about this the other day. also this one

As someone with experience in CFML too, reading those two articles is
exactly how I got hooked on Ruby and RoR! :slight_smile:

John I. wrote:

i am going to learn ruby better. I just found out about this the other day. also this one

Make sure to check out Try Ruby at too - I
found it much easier for learning (certain aspects of) Ruby than the
Poignant Guide. (However, I really liked Learn to Program. Matter of
taste, I guess.)

How do you cf devs thing RoR compares to CF in terms of capability,
performance and reliability?


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taste, I guess.)

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Neil M.


In a lot of ways, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison.

Essentially, ColdFusion is a RAD Environment for Java. CFML code
compiles down to Java Byte code.

Capability wise, I would say that ColdFusion does more out of the
box, but it is also a 9th? generation product, or 3rd if you count
them going from the C runtime to Java. It offers integration with
Flash and Flex, and event gateways, it has a better error handling
and debugging framework (in my opinion), and a few other items that
you don’t get with Rails. Rails also offers some things that you
don’t get with CF, so that would really depend on what is important
to you. ( This section of the email would have been a lot longer,
but I am pressed on time right this sec.)

Performance and Reliability depends more on you than the language/
framework you are using for the sake of this comparison. Both are
reasonably stable products that run medium scale things today. You
could write equally crappy apps with both, or excellent apps with
either. I wouldn’t recommend CF for really big multiple server
projects, as evidenced by MySpace’s migration to Blue Dragon, the
CFML runtime that runs on top of .NET.

So I guess the moral of the story on there criteria is that, it all
depends, at least in my opinion.

Robert Occhialini

I see CF as a great way to blast out pages. RoR, though, is a great way
to blast out whole sites.

It’s easier to write spaghetti-sites in CF, and it’s easier to write
maintainable sites in RoR. (Although either language is capable of

It’s easier to write slow-running sites in RoR, I think. It takes more
attention to make them snappy.

Finally: Microsoft Access is out-of-the-box for CF, and
“are-you-out-of-your-mind?” in RoR. Seriously, google it and see what
kind of responses the RoR community offers for developers who are crazy
enough to even raise the subject! It isn’t pretty.




Oh, yeah, SQL Server’s not really out-of-the-box, either. You have to
go download a certain file that’s not in the Rails distro, then make a
directory for it in the ruby directory, then paste it in.

It works fine, but it hardly qualifies as out-of-the-box, either.


Oh, and sprocs. CF supports sprocs, RubyOnRails’ primary developer,
DHH, kinda says don’t hold your breath.

RoR is all about using the db strictly as a data store, any
manipulation is to be done in the controller, so where’s a sproc fit
into that?

There, that’s the lot. If I think of anything else, I’ll keep mum about


Oh, yeah, another thing: if you do your own design as well, check out
this thread:

If you’re visually-oriented, this also might be a factor. The IDE’s for
Rails are still mostly code-oriented.