Cognizance presents INSOMNIA: The Midnight Programming Contest

Cognizance 2010 presents
Starts on : 27th March, 9:00 PM
As the word itself implies “sleepless”. Engage your programming
faculties in the ultimate nocturnal coding challenge of all , after
all all Big Boys play at Night!! Get ready to burn the midnight oil,
for this content shall surely test all your self proclaimed coding
geeks and wizards. Different stories, various reasons and diversed
backgrounds, but there’s one thing that runs through the blood of the
“insomniacs” - the unmistakable and exorbitant zeal towards

Cash prizes worth Rs.30,000 on stake for this round.

(PS: Problems of previous rounds are available for practice.)

The Night shall be dark again,
The owls shall Hoot again
The Geeks are coming, AGAIN…

Co-ordinators: Mohit Gupta
+91-9997090529 Naresh Kumar
+91-9927311289 Shobhit Singh
Email: [email protected]