Coffee Script & Rails 3.1

Are there any examples on how to use coffee script in your rails app. I
don’t know how people are using coffee script. I know the mechanics of
to write the coffee script. But how do I tie it to my views /

Here is the very condensed form how I am doing it:

Each rendered view contains a class “controller_nameofcontroller” and
“controllername_actionname” attached to the body element

In my scripts I have the following scenarios ( I am using backbone, but
works as well without it):

  1. Applies to everything: Generic startup and configuration, for example
    colorbox. I run a

class AppView extends Backbone.View
el: $(’#outercontainer’)
initialize: ->
$(’.token_input_cont’).each (i,x) ->
$(x).tokenInput $(x).data(“source”),
preventDuplicates : true
prePopulate: $(x).data(“pre”)
theme: $(x).data(“theme”) || ‘’
$ ->
window.App = new AppView

and make sure that the init code retrieves it’s processing instructions
the tags as shown in the above example. This way
you can control a lot of functionality through markup.

  1. To have functionality targeted at specific pages I use this:

$ ->
window.HomeIndexView = new HomeIndexView if $(‘body.home_index’).length


where I check for the existence of the tag.

Hope this helps a bit