Coding contest: $200 for your evening Rails project

We, the Progstr Filer team ( decided to do a small
Rails coding contest and give the winner an $200 Amazon gift
certificate. Anyone can enter with a small evening project, a night
hack or a weekend coding adventure - the size of the project does not
matter to us.

Your mission

Build a small Ruby on Rails app that stores files on the Filer
servers. What should it do? There are no restrictions and everything
is up to your imagination. Start with a collaboration tool that lets
coworkers exchange draft documents and approve them before publishing
those to the web. Then mutate it into a social Justin Bieber fan site
and end up with a Frankenapp that mixes the two above. Scratch an itch
that you have and just go nuts!

How to submit your app

When your project is ready, deploy your app online (e.g. deploy to

Heroku, etc.).
Post a link to your online app on HackerNews.
[Optional] Post the code on GitHub for extra style bonus.
Finally post a blog comment below with the HackerNews discussion
URL and the GitHub repository below.

The winner

The project with most upvotes on HN will win the $200 Amazon gift

The deadline

12:00 pm UTC on May 29, 2012

Find the whole post on our blog.