Code Review: Types2

tfpt review “/shelveset:Types2;REDMOND\tomat”

The overload resolver should handle a candidate set with no callable
method (e.g. have unbound generic parameter). Adds a BindingResult value
that indicates such case.

Ruby, Python:
Disables VSHost process in CLR4 configurations to enable debugging in
VS2010. VS2010 doesn’t handle multiple TargetFrameworkVersions per
project correctly when launching VSHost process.

Simplifies ClsTypeEmitter and adds support for overriding default

Previously, generic type definitions were handled as super-classes for
their instantiations so that it is possible to add a Ruby method on a
generic type definition and call it from any instantiation. This
approach breaks when inheriting from a generic type - the inheritance
hierarchy is incorrect. It makes more sense to treat generic type
definitions as modules - they can’t be instantiated, don’t define any
callable methods and we can mix them into their instantiations instead
of inheriting from them.

Adds an overload to that takes a byte[] and turns it into a
binary string.

Implements a debug view from RubyMethod.