Code Review: ThreadSafety7

tfpt review “/shelveset:ThreadSafety7;REDMOND\tomat”
Comment :
Makes operations on class hierarchy thread-safe. A class-hierarchy
lock is defined on RubyContext. The lock should be acquired by any
reader or writer that accesses the mutable state on hierarchy (such as
method and constant tables on modules/classes, mixin lists, etc.).

Fixes implementation of private/public/protected/module_function 

that take a list of symbols. These methods define a stub method in the
current module that has given visibility and forwards any call to it to
super class (as if “super” was used). Implements this behavior via
RubyMemberInfo with SuperForwarder flag set.

Improves generated initializers to generate more efficient code.

Fixes bugs:
[ ironruby-Bugs-23510 ] Methods are being cloned  when they are 

private in subclasses
[ ironruby-Bugs-22362 ] module_function


Wow, that’s a lot of changes… looks good!