Code Review: scripts


tfpt review “/shelveset:scripts;REDMOND\sborde”

Comment :
Code change:
Small fix in Shell\CommandLine.cs to deal with newlines consistently
(user-reported issue).

Moves RunRSpec.cmd and irtests.bat from Merlin\Main\Scripts to
Merlin\Languages\Ruby\Scripts so that they are available in GIT.
Also changed them so that they do not rely on
Merlin\Main\test\scripts\ir.cmd which does not exist in GIT and is
needed only when Snap runs various modes like with/without
interpretation, etc.


Ruby Dev.bat:
Can the RUBY19_EXE check for its existence first (so I can override it,
for example). I’d also like to not differentiate between GIT and
non-GIT, with my comment below, we don’t need the GIT env. Variable.

I would say get rid of the nested if on line 42. If ROWAN_BIN, use .cmd,
otherwise, use.exe.

Otherwise looks good.