Code Review: rubyreleasechanges

tfpt review “/shelveset:rubyreleasechanges;REDMOND\jdeville”
Comment :

  • update reflector in servicing branch
  • make the Tutorial rakefile build the required assemblies, and also
    to depend on Rake’s clean and clobber task. Clean does the same as
    before. Clobber also deletes compiled dlls
  • Updates the needed DLL’s to the latest I could find. This also
    ensures PDB location
  • Fixes a typo in the tutorial
  • Updates to the installer
    ** Creation of a IRONRUBY_10_20 environment variable that will point
    to the
    installation location
    ** Addition of start menu shortcuts that point to the Create Issue
    page on
    codeplex and the Documentation page on
    ** Addition of a start menu shortcut to uninstall ironruby
    ** Creation of a reg key that points to the installation location,
    thus giving
    people options on that front
    ** Dropped installer version to 3.0 which should help xp users