Code Review: RubyPrecompilation

Ruby and DLR.

tfpt review “/shelveset:RubyPrecompilation;REDMOND\tomat”

Removes dependency of precompiled code on optimized scopes.
Enables loading/saving precompiled assemblies in Ruby loader.
Implements IExpressionSerializable on ProtocolConversionAction to enable
its serialization to IL.


The implementation is still experimental, so it expects
IronRubyApplication.dll file located in the current directory.
We need to design how pre-compilation is exposed to the users.


The only concerning thing I see in the Ruby changes are the
Assembly.LoadFrom - what’s up with that? It’s probably file for this
simple case (because all of the dependencies will already be loaded) but
it’s a little scary.

Adding DLR Code Reviews just to make sure the DLR devs don’t miss this.