Code Review: RubyClrInterop05

tfpt review “/shelveset:RubyClrInterop05;REDMOND\curth”

Comment :
A smörgåsbord of GetMemberNames
Changes to Python, DLR outer ring:
Removed OldGetMemberNames from API and moved legacy Python
functionality into language context
Fixed/added some comments
Changes to Ruby:
Use the RubyContext associated with the RubyClass for virtual
method implementation instead of the default context
Implement ICustomTypeDescriptor on RubyObject, typegen’d classes
Moved ForEachMember functionality onto RubyModule where it can be
used by CustomTypeDesc, MO
Implemented GetDynamicMemberNames on RubyObject, RubyClass MOs
Note to self: in the future, we could create a generic custom type
descriptor on top of a MO