Code Review: Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9 compat improvements

tfpt review “/shelveset:r187;REDMOND\sborde”

Comment :

I wanted to get a feel for where were with Rails 3 compat. For V1 RTM,
we can have a crisper message like “IronRuby 1.0 supports Rails 2.3.5.
Rails 3 tests pass at 98%, and full support will follow after the 1.0
RTM”. I started off looking at the -19 mode but gave up on that after I
could not get MRI 1.9 to install 1.9 gems (1.9 must include a different
version of RubyGems, and I could not use the existing 1.8 gems)

1.8.7 related changes

  • Adds -187 command line option
  • Enables ActionPack 3.0.pre tests in irtests
  • Adds Object#tag
  • avoids an ArgumentException(“Illegal characters in path”) that was
    happenning when a bad file name string was passed in to eval
  • Adds String#start_with? and String#end_with?
  • RUBY_VERSION is tied to the command-line argument specified

1.9 related changes

  • Adds Integer#fdiv
  • Allows calling convention argument to