Code Review: regressions


tfpt review “/shelveset:regressions;REDMOND\jdeville”
Comment :
Regressions tests for the following CP bugs.

!!!Note that closing 1351 means we are upgrading redist-libs and

ID Title
374 irails Foo: undefined method for OpenSLL::Random.random_bytes
459 throw FileNotFoundException => rescue Errno.NoEntryError
466 ‘’.split(//, -1) returns [""] instead of []
572 Error when running Cucumber examples with IronRuby
614 ci_files set needed in mspec config
718 IronRuby ignores RUBYLIB environment variable
727 to_proc not working
814 Allocator underfined for (TypeError)
940 Can’t inherit from abstract classes
1028 Missing conversion from Duration to Fixnum (ActiveSupport)?
1351 redist-libs should have rubygems-1.3.1
1352 Test Defects


  • Categorizes uncategorized specs
  • includes a TraceListener in default.mspec. This will prevent Assert
    windows from being popped up in SNAP or if you set the environment
    variable SILENTASSERT. This works for both Rubyspec and the interop


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