Code Review: rails2

tfpt review “/shelveset:rails2;REDMOND\sborde”
Comment :
Added active_resource and action_mailer tests to irtests.rb
Added a category (disable_unstable_tests) of unstable tests to utr.rb
so that we can track non-deterministic failures. Also a category
(exclude_critical_files) for critical test files that cause an exception
when loaded (even if no tests are run from the file).
Disabled a TestMultiTask test in rake_tests. MultiTaskTest uses
monitor.rb which uses Thread.critical= in a way that is not friendly
with native threads. Ideally, we will implement our own version of
monitor.rb that does not uses Thread.critical=
Also, I think I left out active_support_tests.rb out of my previous
update to 2.3.5. So it might be broken in irtests. This change should
fix it.

  • irtests.rb: Reminder for me: why is active record commented out?
  • utr.rb: Disable_unstable_tests doesn’t appear to get called, is that
  • active_record_tests.rb, line 82: I would get rid of the empty method,
    it’s already defined

Otherwise looks good.


To enable active record tests, we need to check in the
ironruby-sqlserver gem (not hard), and implement ensure_test_databases
(a bit more work to figure out).

disable_unstable_tests should be called. Good catch.

Removed line 82 of active_record_tests.rb

Sounds good