Code Review: MoreSites4

tfpt review “/shelveset:MoreSites4;REDMOND\tomat”

DLR change:
Inherits SiteLocalStorage from SiteLocalStorage class and enables
any subclass of SiteLocalStorage to be created as a storage for data in
a rule.

Implements multiple SiteLocalStorage subclasses for the most frequent
site storage types: CallSiteStorage, BinaryOpStorage, UnaryOpStorage,
Implements ConvertToHashAction, fixes implementation of
Conversion actions now use RubyContext not RubyScope. This simplifies
their calls from libraries yet causes a minor incompatibility with MRI:
if a parameter-less method that works with a local scope, such as
“private”, is aliased and given the name of a conversion method (“to_s”,
e.g.) and a conversion of an object with such aliased method is
attempted, the scope-manipulating method fails to update the scope
properly. This is not a real world scenario so it should be fine to
ignore it. The fix would require to define 2 instances of each protocol
conversion action - one HasScope flag and the other without it.

Removes more static sites.


DLR looks good

Ruby changes look good.