Code Review: MoreDefaultProtocols

tfpt review “/shelveset:MoreDefaultProtocols;REDMOND\tomat”

Introduces more default protocol conversions.


Some methods that were changed from object[] to MutableString[] aren’t
tagged with [DefaultProtocol]. Is this conversion enabled by default?

Why can’t FileOps.UpdateTimes use the protocol conversion? Is to for
semantic compatibility? (ie don’t call to_s if the time conversion

Looks good otherwise.

The methods that take MutableString[] are not [RubyMethods] - they’re
just helper methods.
We don’t support [DefaultProtocol] on arrays of MutableString yet. But
this change is the first step in that direction.

UpdateTimes have two overloads - one taking a single string and the
other arbitrary number of arbitrary objects on which default protocol
conversion is applied. So as soon as [DefaultProtocol] works on params
array we can use it here.


Ah, okay. I obviously missed that they weren’t RubyMethods.