Code Review: Mono5

tfpt review “/shelveset:Mono5;REDMOND\tomat”

Adds support for Mono to Dev.bat. Dev.bat takes an optional “mono”
parameter and a path to the Mono bin directory. If supplied, it sets
ROWAN_RUNTIME environment variable to “mono” and Mono bin directory is
added to PATH. ROWAN_RUNTIME variable is used by ir.cmd, irtest, and

Adds aliases ipym, ipyrm, ipydm, rbxm, rbrm, rbdm that launch IronPython
and IronRuby on Mono.

Fixes issues reported by mcs.

Mono’s msbuild implementation, xbuild, almost works for Ruby.sln and
IronPython.sln. The only problem is with warnings-as-errors flag, which
is handled incorrectly by xbuild (see
Access Denied). The bug has been
fixed already but binaries that would include the fix are not available

I’ve discovered and filed 10 bugs by running Ruby tests:


Fixed in source, not shipped yet:

Fixed and shipped in 2.6.1: