Code Review: Methods6


tfpt review “/shelveset:Methods6;REDMOND\tomat”
Comment :
Fixes bugs:

  • method aliasing - aliased method has its own method attributes,
  • module_function, private, public, protected: the attributes were 

not set to the “right” scopes,

  • module_function - defined only singleton method, not private 

instance one,

  • __FILE__ in eval,
  • super call in a block in top-level code was broken,
  • ParseTree distinguishes aliased methods and methods defined via 

define_method (partially supported, to be finished).

  • ParseTree lacked implementation of ArrayItemAccess node in read 


  • method_defined? didn't filter out private methods.
  • [ ironruby-Bugs-22605 ] TrueClass and FalseClass should be able 

to be reopened

Adds raw implementation of Iconv library.
Adds GC module.
Adds Kernel#warn and Kernel#type methods.

A bit of refactoring - groups methods in RubyUtils.
Includes ArrayOfT shelveset, which implements “of” method for