Code Review: MethodLookup


tfpt review “/shelveset:MethodLookup;REDMOND\tomat”

‘alias’ keyword, alias_method and public/private/protected methods look
the method up in Object if called on a module, which we didn’t do
Also, ‘super’ keyword doesn’t use current ‘self’ if called in



Changes are largely good. The change involving
MetaObjectBuilder.TreatRestrictionsAsConditions is pretty awkward, but
I’m sure you think so too and there don’t seem to be any terribly clean

In the case we were looking at earlier today, will
ResolveMethodFallbackToObject find Module.freeze or only Object.freeze?


Yes, TreatRestrictionsAsConditions is a little ugly, but I don’t see any
much cleaner way how to achieve the same.

I don’t remember the exact details, let’s revisit it tomorrow.



I ran my test case against MRI and determined that MRI itself would only
find Object.freeze under these circumstances. I suspect that the
original code in edge Rails is therefore incorrect, in that it will
create a method alias for Object.freeze instead of Module.freeze.

Bottom line: you’re doing the same thing as MRI so the code is okay. :slight_smile: