Code Review: InstructionRefactoring

tfpt review “/shelveset:InstructionRefactoring;REDMOND\tomat”

DLR, Python Ruby:

Makes all instruction classes internal except for the base Instruction
class. Adds InstructionList class that represents incomplete instruction
stream and provides Emit* instructions (like ILGenerator). The class is
converted to InstructionArray when finished. Both implement a debug view
so that it is easy to see what instructions are being

Implements cache for LoadObject instruction - instead of allocating a
new instruction per object constant we store the constants into an array
and have specialized pre-generated instructions to load them.
Adds caching of branch instructions.
Adds debug cookies to instruction list in DEBUG builds - each
instruction can be associates with one or more debug cookies.
LocalAccess instructions use this to store the variable names. The
cookies are used in debug view.

Groups related instructions into separate files.
Implements AddInstuction for all primitive arithmetic types.

Adds -X:CompilationThreshold option that sets the number of iterations
before we start compiling code.
Obsoletes InterpretedMode, NoAdaptiveCompilation and PerfStats
properties on LanguageSetup. The options can still be set via

Reduces the number of instruction instances that are executed at least
once during the run of “mspec ci core” from 1,274,454 to 280,684.