Code review: Implements Zlib::GzipWriter using System.IO.Compression.GZipStream


Implements Zlib::GzipWriter using System.IO.Compression.GZipStream.

  • ignores the level and strategy arguments for now.
  • The arguments are not marked with DefaultProtocol as it does not look
    like you can pass an arbitrary object responding to to_s
  • Most of the work was for the Ruby library API. We can change the
    of the compression later if we want to.
    Removed Zlib::GZipReader.Create overloads which took RubyIO since they
    would not handle the case of File being monkey-patched. This also
    some code to be factored out into the base GZipFile class.
    Implemented Zlib::GzipFile.wrap and added tests for it
    Changed App.config to only include valid paths to the Ruby libs that are
    included in GIT