Code Review: gitintegration

tfpt review “/shelveset:gitintegration;REDMOND\jdeville”
Comment :
implements to_git, refactors methods in context.rb for reuse.

Looks good.

To give everyone else context, this automates pushing source code from
IronRuby’s TFS repository to git://
It’s only meant to be run by Jim, which is why there’s hard-coded paths
and such.

Soon Jim will send out a review for automation to pull sources from a
“lieutenant’s” github repository into TFS, run the changes through the
check-in test system (which is called SNAP, in case you’ve seen mails
where SNAP is referenced), and if passes it pushes the changes to
ironruby/ironruby.git. Again, something only intended to be run by Jim,
but this will give IronRuby the ability to accept contributions much
easier than before.

Jim will let you know how contributing to IronRuby is going to work
after these automation pieces are in place. Again, all this mumbo-jumbo
is to keep the IronRuby sources up-to-date in the DLR repository, so the
DLR keeps IronRuby working.