Code Review: DMO1

tfpt review “/shelveset:DMO1;REDMOND\tomat”
Comment :

  • Checks for an invalid number of arguments is passed to an attribute
    setter/getter or struct field setter/getter.
  • Implements correct splatting of arguments to Delegate constructor
    and enables previously failing tests.
  • Refactors RubyMethodGroupBase in preparation for obsolete API usage
  • Fixes a comment and adds OBSOLETE comments to obsolete API of
    MethodBinder and BindingTarget classes.


In RubyClass.cs, there’s an incorrect parameter passed to

var actualArgs = RubyMethodGroupBase.NormalizeArguments(metaBuilder,
args, SelfCallConvention.NoSelf, false, false);
if (actualArgs.Length == 1) {

} else {
metaBuilder.SetWrongNumberOfArgumentsError(actualArgs.Length, 0);
<-- should be “1”.

Looks good otherwise.

Good catch. Will fix it in the next changeset.


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