Code Review: alpha-3

This is the rest of John’s work that I am going to work on. Removing
SIGNED seems to cause too many problems with the build, and we may want
to leave it in there. I’ve also fixed a minor bug with File.executable?.
It now returns true for .exe’s but false for all other files. We may
want to discuss what should be returned as executable. CRuby returns
true for all existing files, I don’t know what JRuby is doing.

tfpt review “/shelveset:alpha-3;REDMOND\jdeville”
Comment :

  • Add logic to get library path for libraries from ir.exe.config 

file. There are three of these files now - merlin_ir.exe.config,
external_ir.exe.config and ir.exe.config for MERLIN, SVN, and Binary
layouts respectively. This also means that ir.cmd is no longer required,
and it should not appear anywhere.

  • Added automation to generate a release (binary) layout 

compressed using the awesome 7z algorithm as a self-extractor. This
requires 7-zip to be installed which is something we should likely add
to MERLIN_EXTERNAL as a tool. You run it via rake package.

Looks good.