Code Review: ActiveRecord fixes

tfpt review “/shelveset:ar;REDMOND\sborde”

Comment :

Fixed issue with extra 0s being appended to id. This was being caused
by a bug in BigDecimal#to_i

Fixed issue in ironruby-dbi with Statement#fetch being called after
the reader was closed

Fixed issue in ironruby-dbi where multiple Statements were active for
a connection. We need to close the previous Statement first

Will follow up to get these fixes into the ironruby-dbi gem

Modified “utr -i foo” to generate tags to disable failing test in the
utr\foo_tests.rb file itself. This way, it is possible to run “utr -i
foo” in a loop and generate tags for all flaky tests (ie. tests which
fail non-deterministically)

Enabling the ActiveRecord tests in irtests (assuming they pass
consistently in the over-night run tonight on my machine)

This puts the pass rate at around 95% (116 tests disabled out of a
total of 2123 tests)

Code change looks good.