Code Quality Tool Initiative


We (Cogent Consulting) have a project going that we think might be
interesting to the people on this list. We’re building a web-based
code quality analysis tool, with an initial focus on Ruby projects
hosted on Github. We’re just starting development and to help us
produce something that’s focussed on real needs we’re asking people to
fill in a very short survey about their code quality requirements

We’re planning to support open source projects for free, so if you
work on open source (as many of you do) we’d really like to hear from
you. The first 500 people to complete the survey also get unlimited
free access to paid features for pioneering this product with us.

You can find a little more on our motivation and background at my blog

Iridescent Urchin: What would you like in a code quality tool?.

Steve H.

Cogent Consulting

twitter: steve_hayes
Mobile: 0403 902 431
SkypeIn: +61 3 9005 6695

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