Code Highlighter Plugin and Textile?

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Dear Rubies,

Did any of you try to use the beautiful Code Highlighter Plugin by
Sean C. in a post that uses the textile filter? The result I get
is ruby code converted into div’s and span’s, so it is converted to
HTML it seems, but it is rendered as HTML code in plain text. I tried
Markdown which is giving me this strange behavior…

Any clues?

Kind regards,
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I had the same problem, I don’t remember if I was able to solve it. I
I kept using HTML for the pages that needed code.

I won’t take credit for the code highlighter plugin, although it is
beautiful. Tom de Grunt and John L. can be credited for that. In
most of my pages with <r:code> blocks, yes I’ve had to use plain HTML.
There are a few places where you can get away with using Textile,
especially if your code doesn’t include any angle brackets (< >). I
found indenting things two spaces helps out Textile a lot, but it
doesn’t always solve everything. My biggest problem with it was
especially when I was trying to put Radius code inside an <r:code>
block… doesn’t exactly work. Maybe we’ll get a tag.contents call one
of these days ;).

Sean C.