Code for GRC blocks

Hi all,I am new to Gnuradio and learnt few tutorials regarding use of
GUI of Gnuradio.How can I find the code of the blocks used in GR
RegardsG R Begh

First of all take a look at the generated python file.

The block constructors will be things like gr.head,
digital.chunks_to_symbols_bc. The blocks may be implemented in python,
stringing together existing blocks, or they may be implemented in C++.
python subpackage (“gr” and “digital” here) indicate what subdirectory
files will be in (“gr” corresponds to “gnuradio-core”, “digital” to
“gr-digital”). I then use ‘find’ to get the files of interest.

e.g. (assuming a unix-like system)
$ cd gnuradio-core
$ find . -name “head
$ cd …/gr-digital
$ find . -name “chunks_to_symbols
find . -name “chunks_to_symbols

Sometimes this won’t find the python hierarchical files.
So for “digital.psk_mod” I’d use something like
$ cd gr-digital
$ grep -r “class psk_mod” .
./python/ psk_mod(generic_mod):