Code blocks syntax as method arguments

How do I format this so that it does what I want it to,

[Date::today.month + 1 if !Date::today.month == 12 else 1 end],
[Date::today.year if !Date::today.month == 12 else Date::today.year +
1 end]



to pass Day.find_by_month_and_year Date:today.month +1 if the month is
not december otherwise pass, 1, and to pass as the second argument
Date::today.year unless it IS the december, then I want it to pass it 1.


Rails has time extensions, so you can use things like and
Go into your script/console and check it out. It’s pretty sweet for
doing Time and Date-based work.
Also see under CoreExtensions::Numeric::Time

In my experience, the Date class sucks and I don’t use it.


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