Code::blocks gnuradio project examples

Hi, I am new to Gnuradio, just created a code::blocks project for the
GNURadio, is there an example sub-project in the code::blocks source
tree I could start play with?


We have this page:


Greetings, As I asked last week (thanks for the responses); I wanted to
begin using Pybombs and get on board with the new work. I decided to
start with a clean slate. Downloaded and Installed Ubunto 12.04 Desktop
LTS (Long Term Supported)-did not choose developer thinking Pybombs will
go get what it needs.Downloded and installed Pybombs into my
~/home/xxxxx/pybombs -git clone git://
-cd pybombs
-./pybombs install gnuradio A few hours later I ran (hurts to have a
1meg link in rural america and 240m at work) ./pybombs env Then: I did a
./pybombs list and had gnuradio and lots of libs (Yea!). I went looking
for and could not find it. The only executable .sh is
named ""I went looking for gnuradio-companion with find (from
/) and did not find it. So I went to bed. I keeping pretty good notes,
so will publish the findings here or on the wiki later.if you have notes
I’m glad to add those too… (my email address is my callsign Looking for some advice for this evening’s work. Gregnz8r

Hi Gregory,
if you wanted to start with a clean slate, why did you chose a two-years
obsolete LTS version?
Current Ubuntu LTS is 14.04, and I would strongly have recommended using
that (sorry to say this afterwards) since it would have saved you a lot
of things you needed to download and build from source, since the 12.04
versions are too old to work with GNU Radio…

However, it seems you got it to build, which really is nice to hear!

So, during your pybombs run, it asked you about an installation prefix.
If you look there, you should find directories like “bin” and “lib”;
look into bin for your gnuradio-companion executable :slight_smile:

now, regarding your environment script:
./pybombs env
will write a $prefix/ . If you then edit (or create, if it
doesn’t exist) your /home/youruser/.bashrc, [1] and add a

source /path/to/prefix/

and open up a new terminal window after saving that, you should be using
a system configured to find all your shiny newly built software :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi Greg,

sorry to bother you again; I was just reminded that 12.04LTS indeed is
fully endorsed by GNU Radio. It was just my personal preference to use
the latest version of distros that made me a bit confused about the
current support state of 12.04.

best regards,