Code an Education Revolution (@Qykno) in 54 hours! Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Code an Education Revolution (@Qykno) in 54 hours!

Location: San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley)

Event: Startup Weekend Education (June 3rd - 5th)

On June 3rd - 5th, an event called Startup Weekend Education will gather
hackers, hustlers, and designers together and for 54 hours, teams will
formed around groundbreaking ideas, and each team will be engineering
product on-premise for the length of the entire weekend. There will be
guests speakers, press, and a panel of judges who will be judging each
product and its pitch at the end of this build-a-thon.

The Mission: Careerspotting 4 Kids

Should you choose to accept it, is to build a minimum viable product of
Qykno, a Careerspotting for Kids platform that exposes youth ages 12-21
career possibilities using video storytelling and social gaming. There
two pathways to take for a MVP depending on the skillset of the team:

(1) Web app of Video Storytelling - A catalog of video content that
the stories of professionals sharing the how-tos of their journey.


(2) Mobile app of “roadmapping” that will be a location-based social
where kids receive awards and points for checking into destinations
to their career path.

Team Qykno:

Will consist of five core members - three uniquely talented coders and:

Kalimah Priforce (me): 12+ years in education, youth dev. & biz strategy
Co-Founder @ Qykno

Taisha Rucker: Attorney | Program Director at Pacific Educational Group

Taisha and I will handle content creation, be responsible for marketing
product, and recruiting the UI/UX design and video production talent to
team from those in attendance. I’ll pitch the concept to the crowd and
draw excitement for the project.

Must haves:

  • Able to work with a diverse team with other programmers/developers
    an intensive fast-pace environment.
  • You care more about getting it done than it having to be perfect.
  • Experience with at least one modern programming language such as
    on Rails, PHP, AJAX, ActionScript, Python, C++, C#, Objective C, or
  • A love of games and gameplay.


  • Social game development experience.

  • Experience with Facebook APIs.

  • You’re available to join our team full-time; must have a flexible

The Perks:

  • We pay for your entry ticket ($75) value, plus food and
    to and from your residence.

  • If we win, $5,000 divided amongst the team, plus the recognition of
    winning a high profile tech event.

  • Guaranteed invitation to join the co-founder/management team and
    us for startup seed accelerator programs in the summer.

Contact us: team[at]qykno[dot]com, 347-985-0365, skype/gchat: kapriforce

We’ll be making our final decisions by mid-may.