CMake 3.0.0 is out

CMake 3.0.0 has lots of bug fixes from the last release (2.8.12), and it
also contains a number of policy changes. The primary ones that effect
GNU Radio’s build system are in (1) using a name before it is declared
(e.g., ‘gnuradio-runtime’, which is used for ‘test-gnuradio-pmt’ before
‘gnuradio-runtime’ is declared); and (2) trying to find the location of
a non-declared name (e.g., ‘/usr/bin/python’ is not something in the
current build, and thus has no ‘location’ associated with it). That
said: (1) None of the policy changes seem to effect the actual build or
anything else; they can be treated as warnings instead of errors. (2)
The actual build still seems to work as it did before; CMake 3.0.0 seems
to be more of a new numbering rather than a major set of API changes.
So, mostly good news. Since I’m working on updating the CMake build to
work more robustly, I’ll see if I can fix these issues too. - MLD