Cluster 3 mongrel servers residing in different machines (Wi

Machine A: has Apache 2.2 doing load balancing, also has DB and 8
mongrel processes I’m using mongrel_cluster . Now, I want to run
Mongrels on Machine’s B and C (ie Cluster 3 Mongrels in three
different machines). Is this possible? If possible then, please
describe me the steps required (I’m using windows machines, and
already losdt one week :frowning: )

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You just need to add the appropriate IP / ports for each
BalancerMember in the proxy balancer . Needing to think out how you
would handle the rails app (some type of share or a copy on each
machine), issues with caching objects created by the app are some of
the points that come to mind. I might look at using DFS for any cached
items that needs to be shared between all of the app servers since you
are on Windows, but I’ve not deployed any rails apps on Windows

Michael B.

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