Cloudsmith SaaS artifact repository now has support for Ruby upstream caching and proxying

Cloudsmith is a universal, cloud-native artifact repository with support for over 28 package formats including Ruby. Ruby is the latest package format on Cloudsmith to support upstream caching and proxying to repositories like RubyGems.

This feature is currently in Invitational Beta. If you are interested in being an early tester, set up an account on Cloudsmith Cloudsmith | Signup to get a 2-week trial with all features, and email us at [email protected] to get access.
NOTE: Cloudsmith has a free tier, but upstream starts at our team plan. Cloudsmith also has a free plan for open source projects.

With upstream proxying, Cloudsmith will allow Ruby clients configured to use your repository to see and download your existing repository packages, as well as all those defined in any connected upstream repositories.

When upstream caching is turned on, fetches made for packages resolved to an upstream can be cached and synchronized to your Cloudsmith repository - helping to protect your software dependencies from outages, improve visibility, and apply fine-grained access controls for your teams, customers and users.

This enables you to use Cloudsmith as a first-class cache and a central source of truth for packages, to protect you from outages of external services.