ClothRed 0.3.1 (Bugfix release)

= ClothRed HTML 2 Textile converter

== What it is

A library to convert HTML into Textile markup for use, for example, with

== Requirements

All you need is Ruby.

== Get it

Available as a gem on RubyForge:
gem install ClothRed

Or download from RubyForge:

Or get the source:
svn checkout svn://

== Bugs fixed in this release:

  • HTML linebreak wasn’t translated
  • Headings weren’t translated properly (thanks to Adriano F. for
    providing a fix and a new test)

== Features

This is alpha software, and only a few Textile rules have been
implemented yet:

  • font markup and weight (, , …)
  • text formatting (, , ,)
  • Support for headings
  • Support for paragraphs and
  • Support for Textile entities

== Usage

require ‘clothred’

text =“Bold HTML!”)

== Get Help
Feel free to contact me, or peruse the homepage.

== Contributers:

Adriano F. (patch + test for heading-translation)

Phillip “CynicalRyan” Gawlowski

Rule of Open-Source Programming #5:

A project is never finished.