Closures as modules

Can closures be modules?

Well, Ladies and Gents we would like to introduce you to our new library
called Jackbox. It toys with the ideas of closures as modules. In it
you’ll find a series of new takes on ruby that are sure to spike you
interest. With it we have come up with a solution to the decorations
handicap in ruby and introduced some new constructs for code injection.

Please feel free to use it free of charge for now and to send us your
comments or inquiries.

Available from Just run: gem install jackbox.

Thank you

This Homepage link on jackbox | | your community gem host points to

Sorry, it should just point to the GitHub read me. An oversight on my
part which will be corrected in the next upload.

Thank you.

  1. ANNOUNCING a new release of Jackbox.

In this release we primarily wanted to increase the integration with the
ruby base and have eliminated the NEED to use inject/enrich although
these are still recommended for injectors from a cognitive standpoint.
However, injectors now accept and it is now completely possible to just
use include/extend, for which the former are now just aliases, even with
Injector Versioning.

Also, we continued the trend to set some design limits on the code,
tried to manifest those in the form of Jackbox::UserError, improved
injector directive algorithms, cleaned up some of the specs and
comments, and once again have improved the Readme file.

Finally, the concept of version naming/tagging is introduced.

Once again we would like to thank the people who have shown interest,
and have sent us their comments. We hope we can keep up with your
expectations. We will certainly try our best to do so.

Thank you,


ANNOUNCING a New Release of Jackbox.

In this release we have completed the trend towards integration with the
Ruby base, and have eliminated all external dependencies from the main
library. It is now all PURE Ruby, The only dependencies remaining are
the ones needed for the command line utility.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce we will be
conducting what we have termed a Jackbox Challenge in the coming month.
hope it will be to everyone’s liking and interest. We will be offering
$1000,00 prize for the winner. We are still working out the contest
but hope to have them ready soon.

Thank you again to all the people who have shown their interest and
support, and we hope to see you soon on a website near you.

For more info: Jackbox by LouHenryAlvarez


  1. ANNOUNCING a new release of Jackbox.

In this release, we have finalized our definition of Injector
Versioning. We have included a separate Rspec file with examples on it,
and have expanded the documentation to include a new section describing
what it is and how it works. We hope you find it useful.

We have also started to set design limits to some of the other features
for things which fall outside the domain of influence, and eliminated
the binaries.

Finally, we have improved the ReadMe file to be hopefully, more
didactically oriented and easier to follow.

Once again we would like to thank the people who have contacted us for
their input on how to better explain what Injectors are, and how to
improve the documentation, and please continue to send your comments and
inquiries to the address on Github:
GitHub - LouHenryAlvarez/jackbox: Modular Closures: Ruby Code Injectors.

To use the product: gem install jackbox

Thanks again.


ANNOUNCING the All-New Jackbox Contest

This month we will be finalizing the contest rules for the Jackbox
Contest. The winner of this contest will be awarded a $1000 dollar
prize. Please be sure to keep checking back in.

You can now also check our blog at: Also coming
soon our All-New website.

Thanks so much for all the people who have show interest and support.


Ladies and Gentlemen we have the pleasure to announce Jackbox RC1.

With this release we have completed our integration into the Ruby base.
We have also concluded a number of enhancements and addressed a couple
of previously standing issues.

The specification for Injector behavior under inheritance is now
complete. The spec on Injector naming and tags is also done. With
this release we also complete the specification on Injector Versioning,
and the introspection API. We introduce the concept of Soft Tags, and a
new coding pattern we have termed Transformers Pattern. We also
introduce a new alias to the #injector function simply named #jack which
fits in line with the product name of Jackbox.

There is now a trace of the target hosted Injectors kept through an
Injector #history also aliased to #versions. Moreover there is a
sub-trace to only the soft-tagged versions through the #tags method.
This history also holds a pointer to every #precedent in the chain. The
basic method #with has been refined to evaluate definitions for a module
using #module_eval and has been improved in some other subtle aspects.
The display of jacks on the console was also improved to hopefully
provide a more compact and more legible form. With this release we
also introduced the concept of equality to Injectors. Finally, this
release starts the exploration on using Weak References for Injectors.
We’ll see how that goes.

For a more complete list of changes and enhancements, please refer to
the CHANGES.txt on the gem itself as well as to the rspec files and

I would like to thank once again all the people who have shown their
support and interest, and wish everyone happy coding.